Cash loan under private banking

Private banking in Poland has no rigid framework (read the number of liquid assets) that separates the average client from the one that requires a more professional and comprehensive approach.

Individual banks set the entrance border to this zone themselves

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For example, Cheap bank addresses the offer to people whose assets exceed the level of 500,000. USD or USD 2 million, in the case of Wealth Management (or the equivalent of this amount in another currency). At PBB Bank, the amount of assets starts from 600,000. 

Private banking is a personalized and comprehensive service for a wealthy customer, primarily in the field of finance. But not only, because as part of the services provided and long-term cooperation, there are also issues related to customer support in investing, e.g. in real estate or philanthropic activities. A customer using private banking has a dedicated specialist at his disposal.

Cash loan for key customers

Cash loan

Among the extensive range of investment products, private banking customers can use standard tools to manage their capital, i.e. personal accounts, credit cards or cash loans. However, due to the individual approach, this cash loan is granted on much more flexible terms and is tailored to investment plans and customer consumption goals depending on the period they fall into (it can be short, medium or long term).

What’s more, such a loan is able to meet very specific and non-standard requirements. What can a wealthy customer count on when applying for a loan at his bank? The loan amount usually starts from 150,000. USD (for comparison, this is how much a standard customer can borrow).

The maximum amounts available are USD 1-2 million

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The road to obtaining financing is considerably simplified, and when assessing creditworthiness, it is mainly the number of assets (e.g. real estate) that counts. Both the loan amount, as well as the interest or commission rates, are negotiable.

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